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A little more AC.

It has been a long couple of weeks between work and now a virus that has knocked me to the couch. With the pouring rain today, finally taking some time to look back over the photos from AC - still have a sad feeling for the place. I think these photos sum it up.

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Atlantic City

The sun was out and the air was warm so we took off to AC. 4 Wheels, 6 Cameras and the 3 of us off towards the shore. Too bad the most interesting part was the drive - and of course, mister Gaaaahd Dammmm! I wish I had seen AC before the big casinos, before the piped in music, before the loudspeakers telling me to gamble while trying to enjoy the air, before it all... I moslty just found it sad. Oh well. We had a great time laughing and taking it all in. More pics to come soon.

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Friday Night!

I probably won't get a chance to update again until after the show, so please join me this Friday at RePop for the opening of "Not Fade Away" - the photo above is part of the show, a piece of the Packard Plant in Detroit. It's going to be a wonderful night of friends, photography, antiques and of course some wine and snacks. Russell and Carl have hung the show for me so it will be a bit of a surprise to me as well when I get there, I'm looking forward to the fun. For more information you can click here for the info and photos. See you Friday!

First Fridays @ RePop
66 Washington Avenue

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The Rabbit Hole.

On Sunday we climbed down a manhole on Atlantic Avenue for a tour of the oldest subway tunnel in the world. I loved watching the faces of those that had no clue what we were doing and hearing their funny comments - yet as soon as they heard what we are doing they wrapped to the end of the line to join us. I mean really, how often do you get this chance! Bob Diamond found the tunnel in 1981, he starts with the history and his personal stories from over the years - how he found it, some adventures in college and of course all the myths and rumors surrounding the tunnel - then lets us loose to take it all in. To add to the mythology of the space, when we got home all the images on my camera were gone. We looked at the photos at lunch then the battery died. The images disappeared too. After a quick freak out and the help from friends, I was able to get them back - I'll blame the ghosts, or the full moon, or perhaps the crazy weather. Whatever it was, I loved wandering around underground with nothing but flashlights. I highly recommend it! Check out Bob's website here. To see the rest of the photos, click on over to Flickr.

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what to do today...


next up!

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Night Rates

today... from the West Side.

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic to say the least. No real time for me or the camera. All work, all the time - which is a wonderful thing (for now). Eventually I will get a vacation again and I will get out there, but for now, I enjoy the daily grind.

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the evening...

the afternoon...

the beginning...

looking down and happy to know I can work from home today.
I do love me some snow!

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preview into madness...

Twirling my little fingers all over some images preparing for the next exhibition coming up really fast. RePop is not one of those stores you can just put photographs in - they need to stand out, stand alone and create their own madness in the wonderful world of Russell and Carl.


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New show coming Soon!
March 5th @ RePop