Another dreary day with soft rain falling. I'll take it.

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Just now... another amazing one!

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The War is ON!

Turns out the little crack heads do like Tat. I've battled ants all summer and have had enough. Tat to the rescue. Put the little house-o-death next to their home and they came running. Although I must say I was impressed with the lone wolf carrying the piece of plant back. No one helped him as they went in and out of the death trap but certainly all came running for munchies! What is this college? Ok, I just spent too much time watching them. Now... they must die.


Attack, Memorial Day 2009

Attacked by brides at the waterfront.

Attacked by bugs.

the dragonfly fell out of the sky and hit me, yes, i screeched like a little girl...
the bee, he just kind of hung around all day waiting for his photo opp... I took the pic, he flew away.

the day ends with an attack of aroma...

My honeysuckle had a rough spring, aphids and wind trying their hardest to kill it. But tonight all the blooms popped and the scent is amazing. mmmmmmmm!


R.I.P. Grady
I can't believe it, my Grady is gone. He was a great cat. Always pushing my limits, and his too.

The wall that he loved, was the wall that took him...

goodnight ya little bugger -
Grayson O'Grady.
March 17th, 1997- August 6th, 2008

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Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge!

You know who was in NYC on 9/11 when the military fighters fly over and we all stop in our tracks, stare up to the sky, faces go flush, some hold their hearts... oh right, it's just fleet week. KABOOM kaboom bam... oh right, happy birthday bridge. pheew.

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I'm still here...up in the clouds.

Here's a few more signs from the hood. Working in the graphics world I just love handwritten signs: all the misspelled words, the cross-outs, oh the curly a's...

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great color tonight

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